Is beady eye set to fade away

Is beady eye set to fade away

Postby bobaap » Today, 10:43

Excuse the pun.
Does anyone like me think beadyeye will struggle next year and just disappear all together.
Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan,went to see them in Leeds earlier this year ,awesome night,love the album and most of the besides have been good
Just think with awful record sales,and now with a tour that still isn't sold out,even with the small size venues,just think Liam could think f**k it
What's everyone else thimk
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Re: Is beady eye set to fade away

Postby davensony » Today, 11:02

the follow up album needs to be massive, there current live set is wearing a little thin i think, theres 3-4 songs i could quite happily never hear again, but then theres 3-4 songs that a still cant get enough of(and theres a few in between that are pretty average), they need new songs to freshhen things up.

im going to see them again in berlin next much which i gather isnt anywhere near sold out and then blackpool in november which very suprisingly isnt sold out.
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Re: Is beady eye set to fade away

Postby Siegfried_Ulrich » Today, 11:23

goddamn i hope not!!! i think, that liam isn't the musician, who f**ks off, if there is no money for him. he just makes the music, because he loves to do it. i heard their plan is to release another album next year, which i think will be massive, although it will never be as sucsessful as Oasis in his golden years, (in my opinion DGSS sounds better than WTSMG, but thats my taste) which is not the fault of the music, it's the wrong time. If Oasis would have released DM now, i don't think, that it would sell that great.
They make another album and then make a break for 2 years or something. then 2 albums again. liam mentioned that kind of releasing rhythm and i hope, that Beady eye won't fade away, i really enjoy them as much as i did enjoy Oasis.
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Re: Is beady eye set to fade away

Postby mooney bhoy » Today, 14:12

Beady Eye are good but they are not great, Oasis will still be remembered in 20 or 50 years time, Beady Eye are not even in the same league, Oasis was a musical giant that could sell millions while Beady Eye is a little fish in a big pond. The simple fact is Beady Eye are lacking the big anthems like wonderwall and Don't look back in anger that can unite the masses, songs that appeal to everyone from middle aged parents to casual fans and teenagers. Timing and music trends are also against Beady Eye, this decade is the hip hop generation, people under 30 don't have the same passion for rock music as previous generations did, most teenagers want to be like Eminem or Lady GaGa. Also Liam Gallagher is nearly 40, look at the music greats from history they all made their best music in their 20's from Elvis, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Morrissey. I really want Beady Eye to be a success but realistically they will struggle to be a mid level type of band that can sell out small, medium size venues, good luck to Liam, you're gonna need it !!!!!! Or Liam could stop singing in this pub band and join a real rock band like Oasis !!!!!!!!
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Re: Is beady eye set to fade away

Postby berra » Today, 16:59

If you can make music and tour around the world why would you give that up? its better than every other job on the planet. And i think Beady enjoys this more than they did in oasis the last years, big money or not.

Hope they never give up cuz they are better than oasis was for 10 years.
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