RSD Vinyl and the UK Vinyl

RSD Vinyl and the UK Vinyl

Postby Digital Man » 16 Jun 2011, 14:54

I was looking at both last night and the vinyls themselves are exactly the same in every way, even the writing on the outer grooves are the same so the US singles could easily be passed off as the numbered editions.

What i mean is that say you had the numbered pressing of Bring The Light and it was scratched, you could put the USA single in the numbered sleeve and no-one would know the difference.

This makes me think that there were a lot more of the singles pressed than we were led to believe, with the number of RSD box sets that have been appearing on ebay since RSD itself and the fact that there are a few collectors out there who buy them for themselves then surely there are an extra few thousand knocking about?

I'm a fan and a collector but i'm only collecting the official vinyl/cd releases, fair play to Jack etc... who collect all the promo vinyls/cds but they're too expensive for me to collect.

Oasis were always in my top 5 bands of all time but Beady Eye aren't even in my top 20 so it would be pointless in me collecting their promos but like i said, fair play to the guys on here who love that sort of thing.
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