New to the forums... check me out

New to the forums... check me out

Postby heathenchemistry » 30 Jun 2011, 00:05

I am excited to join and post something in here.

I discovered Oasis back in 2003 or so maybe right before.

First song I ever heard from them was Stop Crying Your Heart out. It was on the end credits of a movie I was watching. See if you can guess the movie !

So I bought all of their albums up to that point, and I enjoy them. I still do not have the LIVE album, just the studio albums and The Masterplan. I got hooked on them. I kept kinda up to date on them until around the fall of 09, I heard Noel left the band... and all that jazz...

I just assumed it was more drama... so I lost touch with music in general and Oasis completely mainly.

The other night, from work (maybe 3 weeks ago) I was coming home from work very late. I heard this cool tune on the radio. I caught the last minute of it or something. The DJ said it was Beady Eye, of Liam Gallagher fame. I thought cool!

I assumed again that it was just him and a bunch of new people (ala Guns N Roses) or something.

I ended up forgetting about the song, and one day I ended up putting in SOTSOG and with that album I rediscovered the band's greatness. It just all kinda happened. So I ended up checking their status, and I discovered in the year and a half I've not kept up with them... that they did indeed break up and Noel never came back. So the last few days I've been rushing to catch up on everything. Even back when I was keeping tabs on Oasis I didn't quite give Dig Out Your Soul a good listen, but I was very familiar with everything else.

So I found out that Beady Eye was basically Oasis without Noel and the last drummer they used. So I have been listening to DOYS and Beady Eye in massive amounts. Like a drug.

I can't believe that I forgot how good this band was and the new band, Beady Eye, amazing. As good as anything Oasis ever did.

I feel grateful to be listening to music so good.

DGSS is an amazing album, and it should be getting more play and recognition!


Where do you guys rank it against Oasis albums?

I put it underneathe DM, WTSMG and HC, so 4th
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Re: New to the forums... check me out

Postby shakermaker05 » 30 Jun 2011, 02:06

Welcome to the forums, man. The movie wouldn't happen to be "Butterfly Effect" would it : ) Glad to hear you've discovered Beady Eye they're a top notch band. If you haven't already bought the a copy of the album. do it! Give the band your support. If you happen to be close to one of the tour stops I'd suggest checking them out too cos they put on one hell of a show.
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