First gig at the 100 Club????

First gig at the 100 Club????

Postby JackWMS » 18 Nov 2010, 22:54

Just found this on NME, I wonder if it could be a plan to play the/a first gig at the venue. If it is part of the 'SAVE THE 100 CLUB' campaign they will have to be doing it in the next month or so.

Hope they do, for our sake and the sake of the 100 club (tickets c/would sell rather well!)
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Re: First gig at the 100 Club????

Postby dohertypg » 21 Nov 2010, 23:34

Great venue!

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Re: First gig at the 100 Club????

Postby mattbunce72 » 22 Nov 2010, 10:44

Would be mega, but also mega hard to get tickets me thinks......
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Re: First gig at the 100 Club????

Postby rovers95 » 22 Nov 2010, 19:33

Just spotted something weird on the "members photos" page of this site - click on any photo and the site will ask you to tag it (or something similar) to a gig!
Strangely enough, when you click the drop down box, it lets you pick gigs in March '11 at venues "Troxy" in London and Barrowlands in Glasgow! I mean, WTF!? We are members of this site, there is no announcement on this the official website but then I stumble across dates!
Sort it out moderators, internet geeks or whoever is running this and give us an official announcement!!! :evil:
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Re: First gig at the 100 Club????

Postby sally can wait » 22 Nov 2010, 23:09

100 club would b a perfect venue for first gig
sally can wait
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