Festival Set List

Festival Set List

Postby RECESSIONMEBALLIX » 10 Jun 2011, 13:42

No Wind Up Dream, only song on the album that doesnt grab me by the balls,
no For Anyone, maybe a bit light for an outdoor gig...
other than that this will defo do the job...

1.Four Letter Word Play Video
2.Beatles and Stones Play Video
3.Millionaire Play Video
4.The Roller Play Video
5.Bring the Light Play Video
6.Standing on the Edge of the Noise Play Video
7.Kill For A Dream Play Video
8.Three Ring Circus Play Video
9.The Beat Goes On Play Video
10.Man of Misery Play Video
11.The Morning Son Play Video
12.Wigwam Play Video
13.Sons of the Stage Play Video
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Re: Festival Set List

Postby rodders999 » 10 Jun 2011, 15:55

never knew all the songs titles ended with play video. intersting that. something do with noel i reckon.
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