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do you think of rappers nd boy/girl bands at t in the park

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2011, 16:29
by kevin_1990
one of my mates who has been going to every T in the park since the 90's desided he wasent gonna go this year this was before we knew Beady eye where gonna be there. His Reasons he had seen everyone he wanted to see and he didnt agree the way the event lets Rappers and pop singers boy band girls bands head line it he said it was made for Rock/guitar bands and still should be it should be all about the bands who make real music and want to play real music or try to lol nothing wrong with trying.

For example this year i think these people shouldnt be there

Plan B
Jessie J (bitch we all know DGSS is well better than her album)
The Saturdays
Bruno Mars
Tinie Tempah

I have probably missed out alot feel free to add too the list Tom Jones i think add let him be there but he shouldnt be headling one of these band should be Cast,Ocean Colour Scene,Foo Fighters,Slash,Coldplay,Arctic Monkeys, obvi Beady eye are too new to headline.

The Artist i listed im not dissin them not sayin they shouldnt headline or be at other events but T in the park should be left for real bands.

Whats your thoughts

Re: do you think of rappers nd boy/girl bands at t in the pa

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2011, 09:38
by brekkieMONKEY
Similar situation at V fest earlier this year.

For example, V acts in 2010:
Kings of Leon
The Courteeners
Seasick Steve

V acts in 2011:

Headliner - Eninem
The Script
Ellie Goulding
Bruno Mars
Tinie Tempah

(interesting to note that The Courteeners, who were on main V stage the year before, were downgraded to the '4Music' stage in 2011, being replaced by crap like Rihanna!)

It's an awful shame that the overall music preference of the general public is changing, for the worst, and festivals are having to replace good acts that can actually make proper music with autotuned pop rubbish. :evil:

We know we have to worry if we have N Dubz headlining Reading & Leeds! Or Bruno Mars at Download :lol:(please no).

Re: do you think of rappers nd boy/girl bands at t in the pa

PostPosted: 24 Jun 2011, 18:38
by brekkieMONKEY
Just realised, by 'earlier this year' I meant the line up announcement. Doh!