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Morning Son (Live)

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2011, 01:51
by shakermaker05
I was always a bit annoyed when people compared Morning Son to Champagne Supernova as I really didn't hear the resemblence. After hearing the lads play it in Philly on Saturday though I totally get it. Definitely had a Supernova-esque vibe to it live! It was big, beautiful and epic! It was actually my favourite tune of the set which suprised me cos before the show it wasn't even in the top 3 of the album for me. Can't get it out of my head now! Cheers to Liam for crafting this masterpiece : )


Re: Morning Son (Live)

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2011, 14:08
by oasiscane
Love Morning Son recorded and love it even more live!

That is a tune that will be one of my favorites for a long time.

Re: Morning Son (Live)

PostPosted: 29 Jun 2011, 13:11
by bronxapostle
MORNING SON kills LIVE especially...that LETTERMAN take is stupendous! SUPERNOVA is that, and THIS IS THIS!!!!!!!! :D:D:D