Beady Eye is AMAZING

Beady Eye is AMAZING

Postby jaymanCaliDC » 25 Nov 2011, 10:53

I've JUST been obsessed with Beady Eye and their new album. Is there a way to write them directly? I think Liam, Andy, Gen, and Tony have made a GREAT album. It's much better than expected honestly. I feel Andy and Gem have shown they are great and creative guitarists and songwriters too.

I LOVE Beady Eye!
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Re: Beady Eye is AMAZING

Postby LiamFan361975 » 14 Mar 2012, 11:06

i am not sure if Beady Eye actually read these but... I have to agree with you that they are a great band. Have you seen them live yet? If not u should. :D8-)
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Re: Beady Eye is AMAZING

Postby ChelyVonBitch » 23 Mar 2012, 04:06

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Re: Beady Eye is AMAZING

Postby PrettyGreen7 » 27 May 2012, 22:51

looking forward to the 2nd album
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