Beady Eye

Beady Eye

Postby Cheese » 12 Jan 2011, 10:51

Ive been thinking a lot about this. A band that is totally led and created almost by Liam seems the way it should have always been. Liams a frontman, so by his very nature hes extrovert, confident, self obsessed etc etc, why would he be happy with someone else being seen as the gaffer? (noel).

I think Liams finally got exactly what hes always wanted, he talks of how Noel wanted to go it alone for ages, i think the same could be said of him too, and im not saying I blame him, I actually respect him more for it!

I think (and im totally reading between the lines here), that Liams always resented noel for the leadership he inherited maybe unintentionally on the back of what he brought to the band with his songs etc. Lets face it until Noel came along it was Liams band. Hes now got it back, and now hes a good songwriter in his own right, nothings gonna stop him. It seems to me that Liam has always put in less effort with the band vocally (live), when singing noels songs, It seems daft but I think his live vocals for Beady eye will be as good as theyve ever been, I think his stage persona and performance will be different and better. Liam to me grew up and matured a lot about 10 years ago but wasnt able to shall we say..'bloom' as he was always in the shadow of older brother.

just a thought.
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Re: Beady Eye

Postby Brad_Bennett » 12 Jan 2011, 11:57

Not as good as theyve ever been, for a few years there, 94,95,96, his voice was amazing. And i want everyone to go and listen to these two songs for a reality check regarding Beady Eye. ... re=related ... re=related
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Re: Beady Eye

Postby Truandal » 13 Jan 2011, 14:46

Liams voice will never be as good as it has ever been again. G-Mex in 97 for example, i think probably his best vocal performance live. The uniquness will always be there, still a great vocalist, but not as great as he once was.

I think the best thing about not having Noel about is Liam, Gem & Andy all seem to be thinking on the same level and all want to create the same sound. Whereas in Oasis, i got the feeling Noels influence got the better of everyone and in a way prohibited Liam, Gem and Andy from getting the sound they really wanted, which they now have in Beady Eye.
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