great stuff, but no one is oasis

great stuff, but no one is oasis

Postby cvillekid » 12 Apr 2011, 02:01

after the first few weeks of listening to beady eye almost non-stop, i guess i have a few new conclusions-
1. beady eye is very good, better than any rock n roll out there right now, and probably great if it wasnt precedented/related to oasis
2. the overall album is much better than i thought from start to finish, relaxed, positive, good rock n roll tunes, liam sounding great
3. now go back and listen to WTSMG or definitely maybe, and its still not close unfortunately- Oasis is one of greatest bands ever and of all time
4. I hope that liam and noel will get this out of their system, feels thing out on their own, and then realize what they had in Oasis and that nothing else is quite like it
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Re: great stuff, but no one is oasis

Postby Siegfried_Ulrich » 12 Apr 2011, 13:55

the music is different, not too different, but WTSMG is totally different. in my opinion DGSS is better, because the band tries more new stuff, where WTSMG was a great album, because the songs matched good with each other, but for me the differences between some songs are too small.

i'm very excited what Beady Eye are going to do for the Soundtrack of Liams movie!
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Re: great stuff, but no one is oasis

Postby Randy Orton » 27 Apr 2011, 15:01

I will always prefer Oasis, nothing and no-one could ever come close to them.
Randy Orton
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