2011 Tour Guitars, Amps, etc.

2011 Tour Guitars, Amps, etc.

Postby Heavy_Stereo » 06 Mar 2011, 21:20

Beady Eye Tour 2011- Guitars and Amps

Gem Archer
Rickenbacker 460 Fireglow
Rickenbacker 1997 Fireglow
Rickenbacker 340 Fireglow
Rickenbacker 330-12 Fireglow
Fender Pink Paisley Telecaster
Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird- Cardinal Red- Gibson PAF Chrome Pickups
Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird- Sunburst with 3 P-90 pickups
Martin D1228 12-String Acoustic
1 Vox AC30
1 Fender Twin Reverb

Andy Bell
Gibson Trini Lopez Signature Model- Cherry Red with Bigsby
Gibson ES-335- Ebony with block inlays
Fender Jaguar- Daphne Blue
Philippe Dubreullie Custom Les Paul with Chrome Top
2 Marshall 1987 Plexi Heads through 2 Marshall 4x12’s
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Re: 2011 Tour Guitars, Amps, etc.

Postby shameless80 » Yesterday, 07:11

i think its on the morning son (glasgow) i also see another telecaster for gem (keith richards styley) and a black rickie for Andy.

maybe wrong mind
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