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to the guitarists

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2011, 18:51
by Siegfried_Ulrich
what's your favorite guitar, that gem or andy uses? whats your dream guitar and what guitars do you play at the moment?

Re: to the guitarists

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2011, 11:12
by Northern Wizard
Fav Guitar in the current Beady Eye setup used is prob the Ricky 330

I think in a 2 guitar band the ricky used mainly as rhythm is perfect as it gives that light jangly airy sound and not too heavy even with a bit of overdrive going on. Then Andy laying down stuff on top on his Trinny Lopez through marshall half stacks is spot on

Personally I write music based around just the one guitar in the track for live performance so i'm running a Les paul (with relitively low output vintage PAF humbuckers) into a Vox AC15 through a Super Chorus, an MXR Dyna Comp Compressor and an analogue delay and the odd bit of Jim Dunlop wah pedal for funky bits. What may seem surprising though is that my tone is pretty much clean (most ppl use les pauls for a heavy overdriven or distorted 'rock' sound which I personally am not a fan of at all)

I manage to get a powerful clean sound but still with jangle and twang from the chorus and very smooth from the compressor and a bit of thickness for lead licks and short solo's etc. I end up with a sound similar to John Squier stones roses live tone circa 89/90

My fav guitar to play has to be the les paul as long as you avoid the 'rock' image and sound (johnny marr did it to similar effect on The Queen is Dead - that was his main guitar despite him being associated with the ricky 330 and his jangly sound)...I just love the shorter gibson scale and to me if you get one with a plain top just looks the sweetest guitar ever. Just make sure it has LOW output PAF humbuckers on it so you get a nice cleanish sound by not driving the amp too hard!

Re: to the guitarists

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2011, 23:19
by beadydave
Best Beady guitar for me is Andy's Trini Lopez. Great image and something a bit different. I play a Gibson es335 and a Gibson les paul classic with my band. Also have a USA strat that i don't play much