Martin v Gibson

Martin v Gibson

Postby Ally » 22 Apr 2011, 17:38

Looking for assistance........

Play a Martin D28 but now thinking about changing to Gibson Hummingbird.

Is this a wise move?

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Re: Martin v Gibson

Postby Heavy_Stereo » 22 Apr 2011, 19:24

I have owned MANY Gibson acoustics, but never a Martin, so I really cant comment. I have tried many Martin's at the shop, and there is no doubt they are incredible guitars. Gibsons are the best sounding and best looking, but they don't seem to play as smoothly as a Martin.

If I were on stage, I would take the Hummingbird. If I were only in the studio, I would take the Martin. Both hold their value very well if you buy used. You really cant go wrong either way.
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Re: Martin v Gibson

Postby Digital Man » 24 Apr 2011, 02:57

Gibson SG is the best!
Digital Man
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Re: Martin v Gibson

Postby Northern Wizard » 24 Apr 2011, 10:53

Gibson Super Jumbo!!!!
Northern Wizard
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Re: Martin v Gibson

Postby Marcos_Harston » 26 Apr 2011, 06:00

If I had that much money invested into a guitar personally I'd go Jumbo. Gibson J-200 for sure. Hummingbirds do look nice but the jumbo sound is so rich and deep, its really easy to fall in love with. Whatever way you go I hope you enjoy it! let us know!
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Re: Martin v Gibson

Postby Siegfried_Ulrich » 27 Apr 2011, 09:39

i would love to try some gibson acoustics, i'm not that big fan of martin guitars. but i found my love in Takamime guitars! they are gorgeous. i played a sunburst 12 string for i think 1800 euros and this thing was unbelieveable!
my acoustic is a takameme G-series for about 400 euros and it sounds ace! The neck feels very smooth and has the dimensions of a gibson style electric guitar.
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Re: Martin v Gibson

Postby ezwriter » 02 May 2011, 19:35

I play a Martin D-18. I've played some Gibson acoustics that sure are good too, though, Especially the advanced jumbo.
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