girls wearing pretty green?

girls wearing pretty green?

Postby Abbie_Cole » 09 Jul 2011, 19:02

im a bit self-conscious but would love to buy a pretty green tshirt is it weird for a girl to wear one? seeing as they're like half price now i really wanted to get one. thanks for your opinion X)
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Re: girls wearing pretty green?

Postby brekkieMONKEY » 10 Jul 2011, 10:27

Hey, I'm in the same boat! I'd love one but I don't know if it would look weird. I found out there is a shop near us that sells Pretty Green, also at half price at the moment 8-)I was thinking about getting perhaps the black t-shirt (not polo) with the green logo. I don't know though. :?

Advice anyone?
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Re: girls wearing pretty green?

Postby gazzpreece » 10 Jul 2011, 19:25

i know a girl who wears just the normal tshirts she looks ok in them so why not :Dgood enoguh for one good enough for everyone?
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Re: girls wearing pretty green?

Postby Xanthe_Moore » Yesterday, 19:14

I think they would look OK if the person wearing it doesn't have big boobs, as round necks are not very flattering. I hope he does a range with scoop or deep V necks for women as I like a lot of the designs but they would look totally wrong for my frame.
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