Hi-Fi Set up.

Hi-Fi Set up.

Postby JackWMS » 09 Mar 2011, 06:52

Seeing as many folk on here buy the vinyl, there is a high probability that there are some fellow music obsessives out there... So, What rig are you using?

At the moment I'm running:

Project debut 2 turntable, with speedbox and phone stage.
Expo TA-3100 Amp with Stereo and Mono, It's a homemade job that I found on the side of the road, sounds much better than my shop bought.
Massive speakers that are from an old radiogram, they're about 2.5 ft tall and 1.5 wide/deep. 10" bass'!
Yamaha CDC-645 CD Player.

They whole thing cost me no more that £200, but sounds just mint! :mrgreen:

I also have on 'standby':

A Dual 1970s DD Turntable (being repaired)
Cambridge Audio Azur 340a Amp
B&W 80's Bookshelf speakers

Anyone else care to share their beloved systems? I will stick up pics later if any folk are actually interested.
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