Arctic Monkeys - 2011

Re: Arctic Monkeys - 2011

Postby digdug » 22 Jun 2011, 04:21

I was at a record store in Toronto earlier today and I saw the CD and the vinyl together on their own shelf. Kind of unusual. I was tempted to buy one of them but I didn't want to lug either around town all day. I think I'll pick it up eventually though.

Also in that store: DGSS vinyl and tons of unsold RSD junk. I'd be surprised if a single person bought the Memory Boy 7". It's everywhere.
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Re: Arctic Monkeys - 2011

Postby Digital Man » 25 Jun 2011, 02:46

MBywalec wrote:
JackWMS wrote:
Lobsters1 wrote:Aw, you crazy English youngsters!

Oh yeah, and you might want to change that to British ;)

Yeah!! Without us Scots you wouldn't have Primal Scream or Oasis!

TO Jack: thanks ;)ONE NEIL LENNON.

Neil Lennon my arse, he's so good you couldn't beat a poor Rangers team to the title.

Super Ally! RFC 54 and counting! Celtic have only won 42 if my memory serves me correct.
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Re: Arctic Monkeys - 2011

Postby Frou » 26 Jun 2011, 20:23

Anyone seen them this tour? They played well, but gotta say they're a bit of a boring band. No communication with the public pretty much, and they all do their own thing.

Saw Alex look at the people at the balcony once, was pretty impressed by that since I didn't expect it from him! Haha

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