Oi! Please Help!!

Oi! Please Help!!

Postby EyesMind » 02 Jul 2011, 08:36

Ello, :mrgreen:
My name Is Shakyrra, any who I'll get to the point.
I'd seen Beady Eye in Toronto. Traveled a good distance may i add too. I took some really amazing photos and video- that i cannot express how clear the footage was. Anyway My SD card has took a s**t :cry:& i was wondering if anyone could send me some of their photos from thee -Toronto, Canada show? I'd be MOST appreciative as to it'd mean the world to me. I've gone so far and spent soo much to capture those memories. If you could share those with me -again, I could not be more happier. You'd make me day!

Thank you

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