Beady Eye, Great "New" band

Beady Eye, Great "New" band

Postby ezwriter » 25 Apr 2011, 20:41

I think I like Beady Eye even more than Oasis. They seem to have even more of that "Beatles Sound," as well as a sound much like some of the best of Lennon's solo work.
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Re: Beady Eye, Great "New" band

Postby Chrissy » 25 Apr 2011, 22:00

That's not the only seems like they have more fun without Noel. 8-)
He is not better than his little brother. And I love Andy's voice...together
with Gem's. They are really really great! :D
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Re: Beady Eye, Great "New" band

Postby Cheese » 26 Apr 2011, 09:16

Thats the best thing about BE to me, theyre having more fun.

Liams not always hiding behind his shades, hes looks like hes enjoying himself, and as for Gem and Andy theyre both like a dog with two dicks. Good on em.

However dont like the whole sounding more like the beatles thing, its surely time to stop all that now. Until they do theyll always just be Oasis minus noel.

This rumoured next albums gotta be free of the whole beatles 60's influences if its gonna be taken seruiously and be really successful.
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Re: Beady Eye, Great "New" band

Postby paigenorman » 27 Apr 2011, 11:30

who thinks they gonna be at V this year? :D
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Re: Beady Eye, Great "New" band

Postby berra » 01 May 2011, 10:02

Best bands ever:

1. Oasis 94 - 00

2. Beady Eye

3. Oasis 00 - 09
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