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20th June
The Sound Academy - Toronto
11 Polson Street Toronto, ON M5A 1A4

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21st June


Good session for the fans in Toronto last night - nice to see that the crowd was so familiar with the record. The demographic skewed toward middle-aged but everyone around me on the floor appeared to have a great time. Was everything OK with the band? They seemed a little unenthusiatic? underwhelmed? Liam had some problems with the vocal microphone during 'Four Letter Word' but that appeared to be sorted out quickly. Hope that they all enjoyed themselves. Loved the parka. Best performance - 'Kill For a Dream'. Thanks fellahs!
21st June


Wall of Sound - The Sound Academy, a great start to the week for the crowd shaking off the rust of a long weekend this Monday nighter was a great return to grass roots, we've one alblum, now let knock the @#$*!e out of it. Playing to I'd guess and average age of 35, some of us bring it up and some of you bringing it down, the preambled sounds of Stone Roses licked us into the mood. The lesser publicized tracks just shone out a mile tonight, Wind Up Dream, Man of Misery, and The Morning Sun which even managed to be eclipsed by The Beat Goes On. The vetrans and new recruits clapped along heartily, those in the middle pondered on their iphones and BBerrys. Liam left the stage by entering the crowd, and... I swear he was making a bee line for the bar. We stood, we cheered somewhere on the Edge of the Noise. Still mad for it past 40, Nigel
14th June


Can't's gonna be awesome...SOLD OUT
30th May


Whose pumpt for June 20th?! I hear Gaz from the HAPPY MONDAYS (another set of Manchester legends) has a new band thats opening. Check it out ...
25th May


Im goign to the toronto show. all the way from Michigan!!!
3rd May


Saw them in Brighton UK...fantastic show lots to look forward too!! get ready and get your rest now!!! Will see you there!
26th April


Nice one tongueless for traveling all the way from BC, Good too see a fellow true fan. I shall see you their I intend to be right at the front of the line!
24th April


Com'on Vancouver!!!! Were missing the real music!!!
18th April


Beady Eye!!!.... Vancouver is calling your name and wants to see you!!!!!! While the Toronto show is on my birthday (will put in airfare request as a birthday present) I don't think I'll be able to get there......Vancouver is a must-do stop for the tour!
13th April


Ohhhh no western Canada dates! come on Vancouver
13th April


If they played Edmonton or Calgary They probably would sell out a venue..a larger one even. I'm willin'ta bet the Edmonton 08 gig (Oasis)was the best one in Canada if not North Am...The sultan has spoken.
12th April


Toronto Needs to Step Up and Sell out this venue.
11th April


June 20th!! going to be my first concert ever! travelling from BC to go see these guys! can't wait!!
8th April


June 20th!!!! I will be right at the front of the line. I went to see them at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK for the TCT gig as well, they were amazing!!
26th March


Cheers to the boys returning to TO, kudos after the Island debacle.
19th March


so i saw its on sale on ticketmaster, but why cant i purchase it??
19th March


Where can I get the tickets??
15th March

Madferit in T.O.

Can't wait!! Was jogging on the boardwalk over the weekend and wigwam came on my iPod - stellar!! Any news of an opening act?



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So after some much hyped anticipation, Beady Eye came to Toronto last night and delivered what can...

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