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18th October
Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
Arena Boulevard 590, 1101 Amsterdam

Tickets for the Heineken Music Hall gig go on sale Friday 15th July at 10am (local time) through or order by phone on 0900-3001250 (Holland only).

Support: The Moons

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18th October


Tonight!!!!! Mad fer it!!!!!!!!!
16th October

Andrew Poole

Aftershow Party With Dj Paul Gallagher! From : 11pm Where : The Tara , Rokin 85- 89 , Link : Facebook `Beady Eye `Exclusive`Aftershow Parties.
12th October


Take care of you Liam, hope you're come to Amsterdam! We need you!!!!
12th October


I've seen Beady Eye 3 times this year, soon fourth, can't wait for HMH gig!!! We are seven to come from France.
11th October


One more week until the gig. I'm getting excited! My sister is coming with me, so sweet, cause she doesn't know Beady Eye at all, but she will learn :)
7th October


Got a spare ticket for this concert, Please let me know if you're interested!
11th September

Andrew Poole

Aftershow Party With Dj Paul Gallagher! From : 11pm Where : The Tara , Rokin 85- 89 , Link : Facebook `Beady Eye `Exclusive`Aftershow Parties.
11th September


Tickets booked..cant wait, should be a belter, how do you sign up for backstage pass or afterparty?
5th September


and there is a afterparty..dont know if I can make due to traintimes but one can hope
4th September


I am going there for the 2nd Beady Eye gigs too !! the 1st one in Paradiso was brilliant! Anybody know how to sign backstage pass? :D see you all there people!!
2nd September


I've got tickets! First Lowlands, now HMH. Still need someone to go with though...haha :D But I'll sign up for the backstage pass as well!!!!
14th August

Johnny Silver

Beady F***ing I'm Going! Great to see you guys again! Can you guys do me a favour and play Bubble With A Bullet, i love that song man!
8th August


4th time i see them!!
3rd August


Seriously, I have to be there! I got into Beady Eye just before Paradiso and only found out the day before the gig they were here! If I miss this it'll be a while before the next time I can see them! DIfferent Gear... is just such a brilliant album!
22nd July


finally got tickets,paradiso and lowlands sold out too quick so very excited to see Beady Eye live
17th July


Iech höb keertsjes!
16th July


see you 3 times this year. amsterdam!
12th July


I will be there! No matter what!! Backstage pass is also welcome!:P



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