Yesterday, Where Is My Mind?

2011-10-31 15:00:00

'Here is a mix made up of (mainly new) music that the band have been listening to recently. Little Barrie is a friend of ours and guitarist in Primal Scream ... Hippy Mafia (band formed in Toronto by Gaz Whelan from the Mondays and friends) will be supporting us on the forthcoming UK tour ... Arcade Fire = Best live band I've seen all year ... Cults are our favourite new band ... Cheap Freaks supported us in Dublin ... anyway ... Enjoy! We're off to South America. AB.'

Little Barrie - Tip It Over
Hippy Mafia - 4th and 5th
Colourmusic - Yes!
Susan Christie - Yesterday, Where Is My Mind?
The Horrors - Still Life
The War on Drugs - I Was There
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Cults - Go Outside
Lana Del Rey - Video Games
Lil Millet and his Creoles - Rich Woman
Cheap Freaks - Cruel World
Dungen - Fredag
Death In Vegas - Sons of Rother
Pearls Before Swine - Another Time
Gila - This Morning
Ravi Shankar - Raga Desh
The Parsley Sound - Ease Yourself and Glide

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