Radio Cadaqués

2011-04-08 15:15:00

Radio Cadaques by Beadyeyerecords

'The song "Millionaire" was written in 2007. I wrote it after a trip to Spain. It was springtime, it was still snowing in Sweden, and I happened to be talking to my mate Iain, who I know from years back in Oxford. He'd moved out to Barcelona a few years before, and he just said get yourself over here for a week. Got to Barcelona, sure enough the sun was beating down, it was great, and after a few days there we ended up going on this road trip up to Cadaqués for the weekend. Cadaqués is this nice little fishing village and to be honest I didn't get why I was being taken there, then when we went to this bar and it was full of pictures of Salvador Dali hanging out with the Rolling Stones and I started to realise there was something a bit special about the place.

'So the next day we decide to drive from the coast to Figueres, which is where the Dali museum is, it's like the main town round there. We left Cadaqués, stopped off at the Lighthouse at Port Ligat first for breakfast and a look at Dali's house. It was an amazing day, blue sky, got in the car, put on the Pink Floyd album 'Meddle'. This is the favourite Floyd album of most people I know from Oxford. I don't know why, it just is. Most northerners I know prefer 'The Wall' but 'Meddle' is ours which kind of fits as it is quite light and easy going, much like most of us Oxford heads. So the first tune is 'One Of These Days', it's blasting, we are driving fast through all these cliff roads, with the waves crashing around, the tune has all these guitar sounds that sound like a car revving up, it seemed to fit. We left the album playing, didn't say much, and as the car pulled up outside the Dali museum in Figueres the last notes of 'Echoes', the last song on the album were playing.

'The mixtape I made is based around 'Meddle', but I managed to weave in some other music which fits the mood. Most of that was music that we were playing during the video shoot. Gem brought a load of CDs of stuff like The Doors, Dungen, Jimi Hendrix for the drive. It was cool showing the rest of the band the scenery that is the backdrop of the song. The really weird thing about the video is that we were on a day off between two gigs, in Milan and Madrid, and if you put your finger on a map inbetween those two places, you are in Cadaqués. So it felt fated that we would film the video there. Like most things about Beady Eye, it just fell into place.'

- Andy Bell

'Radio Cadaqués'

Pink Floyd 'One Of These Days'
Pink Floyd 'A Pillow Of Winds'
Dungen 'Satt Att Se'
Boards Of Canada 'Zoetrope'
Friends Of Dean Martinez 'Wichita Lineman'
Zero 7 'Futures'
Pink Floyd 'Fearless'
Sleigh Bells 'Rill Rill'
The Doors 'Light My Fire'
Pink Floyd 'San Tropez'
The Doors 'The Crystal Ship'
Pink Floyd 'Echoes'

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